version 1.7 BUG FIXES: - Fixed chaos power armor appearances, red/green overwrite, don message. [Armor.cpp, Hero.cpp] - Alien birth will happen when there is space for baby to pop out. [Hero.cpp] - Made inventory sort after usage of disk of debugging. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Fixed BOFH glitch. [Map.cpp] - Reticulans are now colored before their equipment comes into effect. [Hero.cpp, Profession.cpp, Creature.cpp] - Repaired Optic Blast. Shooting locked doors will no longer randomly cause crashes. [Mutant.cpp] - Repaired Web. Webbing will no longer cause crashes. [Mutant.cpp] - Inspecting help with vi keys on will no longer crash the game. [Help.cpp] - Using unpaid for power plants in shop makes you their owner. [Creature.cpp] - Creeping credits transport crash bug alleviated. [Creature.cpp] - Transport will only kill if allowed. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Suicidal pets (smart bombs and missiles) will now explode near any enemy; including also those that are more than a level higher than they. [Droid.cpp] - No dodging for paralyzed monsters. No climbing pits either. [MonsterAI.cpp, Fight.cpp] - Mutant ninja turtles now may get bo for real. [MonsterData.h] - Staring equipment will no longer print wearing messages except chaos power armors if ever anyone is going to start with them. [Creature.cpp] - Night vision will not cause open door to overwrite remembered stuff lying on the same square. [Render.cpp] - Blind heroes will not be able to learn ray gun identity by looking at color of serum used by docbot. [Doctor.cpp] - You can now rustproof shield belt. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - You no longer can gain experience after death. [Creature.cpp] - Monsters will no longer steal stuff from shops. [MonsterAI.cpp] - If you dare shoot yourself this will now be done with full rounds. [Fight.cpp] - Geiger counters now work properly. [Hero.cpp, Object.cpp] - Fixed test for high score table corrupt message. [Tombstone.cpp] - Waste treatment plant has correct depth. [Map.cpp] - You will hit monsters whose thoughts you hear instead of bumping into them while blind and telepathic. [Hero.cpp] - No more infected or cracked blank floppy disks. [FloppyDisk.cpp] [ObjectParser.cpp, Object.h] - Disinfection of floppy disks fixed. [OperatingSystem.cpp] - Vat teleportation won't reset it. [Hero.cpp] - Canned alien embryo is correctly detected when pouring into a vat. [Hero.cpp] - There now really are no traps on first level. In 1.7 malfunctioning doors could still instakill reticulans. [Map.cpp] - Corrected death message for falling into a pit. [Map.cpp] - Persistent mutant powers cannot be abused to pump up charisma. [Mutant.cpp] - Wearing a helmet will not protect energy cells from electrical attacks. Moreover only unprotected cells can be affected. [Creature.cpp] - It is not possible to request a infected protected computer or any of those two qualities on a computer with no system. [ObjectParser.cpp, Tool.cpp] - Locked automatic doors will not open. [Map.cpp] - Shooting yourself with pea shooter is no longer instant death. [Fight.cpp] - Brotherhood power helmet also gets kAirSupply. [Armor.cpp] - Shooting web at self works properly. [Mutant.cpp] - A set of bugs connected with telepathy has been fixed. [Hero.h, Hero.cpp] [Creature.cpp, Fight.cpp, Monster.cpp, Render.cpp] - Clerkbots will say goodbye just once when you teleport out. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Monster reticulans may now receive cells for zap guns. [MonsterData.h] - Fixed kicking terrain features message. [Fight.cpp] - Sometimes connecting a level with stairs would fail. [Map.cpp] - Removed an insignificant memory leak. [Creature.cpp] - Protocol droids can only provide translation if on same level. [Hero.cpp] CHANGES: - Paralyzing now lasts equal time both for monsters and hero. [Creature.cpp] - Clerkbots and docbot get less buckazoids. [MonsterData.h] - Made floppies more fragile. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Rad grenades are radioactive. [Weapon.cpp] - God mode overrides transport restrictions. [God.cpp, FloppyDisk.cpp] - Shop locations in robot town are permuted. [SpecialLevel.cpp] - Software engineer loses one rank in search, repair, and open locks but gains one in programming. [Profession.cpp] - Tricorder cost increased due to new functionality. [Tool.cpp] - Ninja has hit die size changed to 9. [Profession.cpp] - Disintegration ray will vaporize your trenchcoat first, then your armor, then jumpsuit and finally you. [Creature.cpp] - Bonus from hero level to mutant power use chance capped at 10. [Mutant.cpp] - Experience is counted for every monster death regardless what caused it. [Hero.cpp, Creature.cpp, Fight.cpp, Mutant.cpp] - Unarmed Combat becomes strength based skill. [Global.h] - Ninja now starts with his implant already inside skull. [Profession.cpp] - No traps on first level to avoid reticulan instadeaths. [Room.cpp] - Capped farming multiplier creatures for XP. [Creature.h, Creature.cpp] - Repaired bots will neither give XP nor get items. [Tool.cpp] - You cannot avoid deep spots if you are not aware of them. [Map.cpp] - Buckazoid generation capped at 10d50. [Object.cpp] - Buggy tools are jammed and cannot be turned off the usual way. [Tool.cpp] - Astronaut starts with energy tank instead of power plant. [Profession.cpp] - Pouring antimatter into a sludge vat will not only annihilate it but also eat out a hole (or a pit) in ground. [Hero.cpp] - Reticulan abductors get no skill in programming. [Profession.cpp] - Brotherhood paladins may appear in Gamma Caves. [Map.cpp] - Robot Town moved to depth 10. [Map.h] - Cracking unidentified floppy disks is slightly harder. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Software engineer now starts with between three and five floppy disks that are never cracked and never infected. [Profession.cpp] - Reticulan and human preidentified items differ. [Profession.cpp] - Mastermind will start with neither optic blast nor shoot webs. Also, no skill in those powers for the Mastermind. [Profession.cpp] - Cracked floppy disks of hacking will not occur randomly. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Reticulan Abductors and Masterminds start with telepathy on. [Profession.cpp] - Named individual items will no longer stack. [Object.cpp] - Hero no longer earns XP when monster suicides. [Creature.cpp] - Hero may only learn mutant power not of greater power level than hero's character level plus three. [Mutant.cpp] ADDITIONS: - Added creation of sludge vats to god mode. [God.cpp] - Added modification of story flags to god mode. [God.cpp] - Added precise mutation gain/lose to god mode. [God.cpp] - YAFM for buggy computer eating a disk while blind. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Bio computer now allows to receive information that voice interface alone cannot provide when hero is blind. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Floppy disk of operating system and operating systems. [OperatingSystem.cpp, FloppyDisk.cpp] - You can quaff from acid pits if you so desire. [Fight.cpp, Attack.cpp] - Two new grenade types: incendiary and flashbang. [Weapon.cpp] - Made rectal examination medical service useful in a border case. [Doctor.cpp] - Floopy disks have nice colors. [Object.cpp, ObjectType.h, FloppyDisk.cpp] - Floppy disks of reformat. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Proximity mine. [Tool.cpp] - For using unpaid tools you incur a small fee. [Hero.cpp, Shop.cpp, Tool.cpp] - Additional medical service for docbot. [Doctor.cpp] - One of weapon store and armor store will appear in town. [SpecialLevel.cpp] - Implant store has 50% chance to appear in robot town. [SpecialLevel.cpp] - Tricorder can be used to obtain full diagnostics on willing subjects. With right equipment unwilling subjects can be made willing. [Tool.cpp] - You learn ray gun colors when docbot uses serum on you. [Doctor.cpp] - Computers and floppy disks may be infected. Computers may be protected. [FloppyDisk.cpp OperatingSystem.cpp] - Floppy disks of virus and antivirus. [FloppyDisk.cpp, OperatingSystem.cpp] - Can use tricorder to learn vat health level. [Tool.cpp, Vat.cpp, Hero.cpp] - You glow when irradiated really much. [Hero.cpp] - Can pick arbitrary target for diagnosis in god mode. [God.cpp] - Post mortem character file. [Monster.cpp, Monster.h, MonsterData.h, Hero.cpp] [Tombstone.cpp, SaveLoad.cpp, Mutant.cpp, FloppyDisk.cpp, Profession.cpp] [ObjectParser.cpp] - Added creation of altars to god mode. [God.cpp] - Added darkening and lighting of rooms to god mode. [God.cpp] - Item generation probability tables. [God.cpp] - Energy tank. [Tool.cpp, Creature.cpp] - Space orc pyromaniac. [MonsterData.h] - Defiler with plague vomit. [Creature.cpp, Canister.cpp, Hero.cpp, Fight.cpp] [Attack.cpp, Attack.h, Creature.h, Render.cpp, MonsterData.h] - Name category of clicking electronic gizmos "geiger counter" to identify them. [Object.cpp] - Janitors are rewarded with XP for repairing door malfunctions. [Tool.cpp] - Vats start with variable sludge health level. [Vat.cpp] - Enriched array of possible vat effects. [Vat.cpp, Tool.cpp, Hero.cpp] - Implemented kAutoSearch intrinsic. [Hero.cpp] - Confused floppy disk of detect object has different effect. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Confused floppy disk of operating system has another effect. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Smart bomb hit with gauss ray turns into a proximity mine. [Creature.cpp] - You can tape a pit to make it appear as safe ground. [Tool.cpp] - Rocket turret from Dune II. [MonsterData.h, Mutant.cpp, Fight.cpp] [Creature.cpp, Creature.h] - Scrubbots will clean up leftower wrecks and turn them into energy cells. Pet scrubbots will leave cells on floor to pick up. [Droid.cpp, MonsterAI.cpp] [Creature.h] - Harmony dome will negate psionic aura disruption caused by cranial implants. [Armor.cpp, Creature.cpp, Mutant.cpp] - While hacking a floppy disk you may notice its infectedness. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Modifiers "not infected", "not cracked", "not damaged", "not buggy" and "not protected" added to object name parser. [ObjectParser.cpp] - Armored belt. [Armor.cpp] - Floppy disk of matter compiler. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - Scout goggles. [Armor.cpp, Hero.cpp] - Teleporting a vat has potential of triggering additional consequences. [Attack.h, Attack.cpp, Hero.cpp, Hero.h, Shop.cpp, Vat.cpp] - Command list for multiple choice menus. [Interface.h, Interface.cpp] - Looking at a door reveals useful information. [Hero.cpp, Map.cpp] - Door opening or closing is picked up by motion tracker. [Hero.cpp, Render.cpp] - Khan heavy pistol from DeadCold. [Weapon.cpp] - Search skillsoft implant. Repair skillsoft implant. [Implant.cpp, Skills.cpp] [Creature.h, Creature.cpp] - M56 Smartgun. [Hero.cpp, Weapon.cpp] - Sessile creatures are remembered on display. [Render.cpp] - Floppy disk of warp tracer. [FloppyDisk.h, FloppyDisk.cpp, SaveLoad.cpp] - There is an abstract monster "alien embryo" to count how many impregnations you have survived. [Hero.h, Hero.cpp, MonsterData.cpp] - Psionic Storm. [Creature.h, Mutant.cpp] - Khaydarin crystal shard. [Tool.cpp] - High Templar. [MonsterData.h] TECHNICAL: - Modified Makefile to suit PRIME. - Logo printing function prettified. [Interface.cpp] - RabbitLevel.cpp and Town.cpp become SpecialLevel.cpp - kRadioactive is now an object ilk flag instead of object flag. [ObjectType.h, Attack.h, Weapon.cpp, RayGun.cpp, Canister.cpp] - Floppy disk execution now always calls tool use code. [Hero.cpp] - doDiagnostics is now creature method instead of hero's. [Creature.h, Hero.h, FloppyDisk.cpp] - Chaos power armors have their own parent category. [Armor.cpp] - All doDetectFoo where Foo is monster kind are collapsed into a single function. Adding another detect effect is matter of calling the function with correct parameter. [FloppyDisk.cpp] - CrazyIvan and cortex crossover are now conditionally compiled. [Hero.cpp] [Interface.h, Interface.cpp, Creature.cpp, Creature.h, Implant.cpp Makefile] [ObjectType.h, FloppyDisk.cpp] - Profession inventory is in tables. [Profession.h, Profession.cpp] - Items have been put into handy abstract categories. [Armor.cpp, Canister.cpp] [FloppyDisk.cpp, Implant.cpp, RayGun.cpp, Tool.cpp, Weapon.cpp] - Compiler switch -Wno-char-subscripts cut out from Makefile as all sources of this warning are finally eliminated.